The foreign policy of Poland

After the end of the Second World War, Poland became a Soviet dependency state. Because of this, the country was deprived of its sovereign right to free activity within the international arena for nearly fifty years. However, this all changed after the break up of the Soviet Union. Today, Poland’s foreign policy focuses on having the country play a more prominent role in the Western world and direct participation in NATO and the European Union.

At the same time, Polish foreign policy emphasizes the protection of human rights, upholding the principles of democracy and protecting the country’s market economy. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization and the European Union have become Poland’s important partners in guaranteeing its own further development and security in the region.


Poland’s foreign policy is open to European dialogue with Russia. At the same time, it intends to support its program of political pluralism, understanding the rule of law, modernization and freedom of speech. However, Russia’s determination is very important in this matter. Its foreign policy also welcomes all initiatives that can develop good neighborly relations that include energy and economic cooperation.

The country’s foreign policy is also being developed to be open with other strategic partners outside the European Union. This includes fostering a warm relationship with Japan, India, China and Brazil while pursuing an active and common policy that meets EU interests.

U.S. Relations

Polish and American relations have a special place in Poland’s foreign policy. This is because the United States plays a very important role in political and economic relations along with security matters. The Polish state wanted to see that this relation developed harmoniously in order to achieve tangible results.

At the same time, Poland’s foreign policy has added an economic dimension to its transatlantic relations in order to achieve new ways of improving its cooperation with the United States. It strives towards both the removal of administrative barriers and regulatory dialogue. Additionally, the country’s foreign policy is focused on achieving a U.S. and EU free trade agreement that would contribute to much closer trade relations between Poland and these two large economic centers.

Bi-lateral Cooperation

Since it gained independence from the Soviet Union, Poland has based its foreign policy on cooperating with the member countries of the Atlantic-Euro community. Polish foreign policy also focuses on the tasks that result from the joint efforts involved in anti-terrorist cooperation. At the same time, the country fully supports bringing democracy to Iraq along with its reconstruction.

Poland’s foreign policy also focuses on maintaining the present dynamics of the country’s relations with leading European partners such as Spain, Great Britain, France and Germany. The country’s foreign policy is also being adapted to meet any changes in its joint responsibility for Europe’s future while creating a new dimension for the development of Poland’s relations with all other countries in the EU and other Eastern European states.

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