Reducing Your Car Insurance Premiums

Types of Cover

There are three levels of car insurance cover in the United Kingdom. Drivers can choose comprehensive cover, third party only cover and third party fire and theft cover. By going to a price comparison car insurance website, you will usually find comparison charts, which will outline what insurers are offering at each level of cover and you can even buy using monthly repayments from sites such as


For example, if you are in the market for comprehensive cover (the best cover available), you can compare what insurers offer in the way of standard comprehensive cover that should include basics like accidental damages to your car caused by someone else, injuries you may cause to another driver or to their car in the event of an accident and damages or loss to your vehicle caused by theft or fire.

Other benefits of comprehensive cover could include cover for personal possession and cover for portable equipment like stereos, DVD players and navigational equipment. Comprehensive cover should also allow for a choice in selecting voluntary excess. Voluntary excess is the amount you would pay up front should a mishap occur. Comprehensive cover to look for should also include a courtesy car, accident recovery aide, lock replacements, broken windows and windscreens replacement and personal injury compensation to you and a partner that results in limbs loss, sight or death.

Third party car insurance

Third party only insurance covers damages and injuries that are caused by you to another vehicle and to its driver. It does not cover any damages or losses to your car. Third party is the minimum legal requirement in the United Kingdom.


Third party fire and theft will likely cover injury or damages you cause to a driver or to his vehicle, as well as damage or loss to your auto caused by theft or fire. It won't cover your car should it be damaged because of an accident.

Keep in mind that insurers offer many options at price comparison online insurance websites, and sometimes going with the cheapest is not always the best choice. When it comes to making a claim, you need to know that your cover will serve you in the best way possible depending on the level of car insurance you opted for.

As a general rule of thumb, when researching price comparison car insurance companies, check all the details of the policies you are looking at. Find out what level of excess you are being asked to pay up front should a mishap occur and see if there is a no claim bonus option, as well as a free courtesy car and guarantees on any repairs. Often times, there will be a section of customer testimonials that you can refer to in order to check how other consumers feel about the insurer they have chosen, and how they are treated in the event a claim is made. The reputation of an insurer is important and testimonials are an excellent way to see the true colors of an insurer once they are needed to handle a claim.


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