Polish Defense

In the modern era, scholars have asserted that Poland embraces a multi-varied approach to national security. While at times Poland has adhered to a pro-Atlanticist view when it comes to national security measures, it seems that this is now changing in the modern era. Publicly, Poland maintains on its nationwide governmental website that it abides by several treaties and adheres to the rule of law. Poland continues to desire to assert its role in the European Union, which seems to directly contradict its participation in the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation. The treaties and organizations that Poland currently participates in are the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, The Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe and The European Union. Poland is also a participant in the Partnership for Peace.

Meaning of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation

The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation continues to raise controversy amongst academics regarding the political stances of Poland. This treaty has been characterized as a policy that supports pro-American values and upholds a culture that binds overseas European countries as well as America and Canada. As part of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, Poland was in support of America's decision to pursue the Iraq War in 2003. Poland has been viewed as an ally to America since the invasion into Iraq in 2003. As part of the NATO treaty, some scholars assert that Poland is a sole protector and benefactor of America's military power. Poland is viewed in this context as supporting the military measures that America chooses, even when they are in direct conflict with security views held by the European Union.

Contemporary Views of Military Force

In seeking to understand the defence policies of Poland, it is vital to understand the way in which modern-day Poland now views the role of military force. Today, the current political elite reigning in Poland finds it hard to imagine being part of the European Union. However, there is a genuine desire amongst many citizens in Poland to be an active member of the European Union. The culture of Poland seems geared toward becoming this active member, yet the policies of Poland continue to support the NATO vision. Poland maintains a proactive view of the use of military force. It has been active in support of various NATO missions in the past 10 years. In the War in Afghanistan, Poland deployed over 2,000 of its own soldiers to assist in fighting in the war.

The Rule of Law in Poland

Currently, Poland looks to the United States as its only source of security. As such, the United States continues to invite Poland to the table of discussions centering around missile defence measures. This reveals that Poland continues to seek to gain something from its involvement with the United States in regards to military affairs. It seems that Poland is skeptical regarding the Article 5 guarantee in NATO that all countries will come to assist in defence of a country that is attacked.

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